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Archive for January, 2012

Two volunteers arrived

Fr. Cesare and two volunteers from Franco Fiorina and Giuseppe De Vignani from Italy arrived from Italy on 13th January,2012. The volunteers will help in the construction of Andiamo Secondary school girls’ hostel.

Franco Fiorina (left) and Don Cesare

Franco will concentrate mainly on the hostel. Once finished, the new hostel will accommodate 64 girls and this will ease the pressure of accommodation mainly this September when Andiamo Secondary School will for the first time have a Form 4 class.

Giuseppe De Vignani (second from right) with Augustino one of the volunteers

Meanwhile AEI office says that the accommodation problem will be history once another boys’ hostel is constructed.

a site where a block girls hostel is expected to be constructed

While Giuseppe will cooperate in different plumbing works, in Toleza for the health centre, Andiamo for the Community Hospital and also at the Andiamo Secondary School for the external toilets for the students.

Franco has been coming to Malawi for some time now. He has helped in the construction of many projects like hostels, class blocks for secondary and technical schools, just to mention few.


Andiamo Education Institutions open today

Andiamo Education Institutions (AEI) have opened for the second term. According to AEI office, out of 214 students only 100 students have registered so far.

AEI is one of the four sections of Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust. It was established with the aim of making sure that the youths are fully equipped with knowledge, skills and to improve education standards in Malawi.

The second term will close on 23 March, 2012 according to the national academic calendar.